What is INFINITY by Dominator Safes?

Dominator Safes has been one of Australia's most trusted safe brands for over a decade. Now, you can customise any Dominator Safes' DS, FA or FX Series high security safe to make it just how you like it.

The name Infinity perfectly represents the endless possible configurations available to choose from, including custom finished luxury safes, completely bespoke jewellery safes, custom fitted watch safes with automatic winders and storage drawers, and even firearm and unique collectible storage safes. The choice is completely yours.

Backed by Australia's Best Warranty, Infinity and Dominator Safes provide peace of mind never before seen in Australia.

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Safes are Personal

How to create your own custom luxury safe

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    Contact one of our experts

    We can walk you through the entire process, from concept and design right through to installation and commissioning. We can present you with ideas to meet the security and aesthetic requirements exclusive to you.

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    Choose the most suitable security grade

    Taking into consideration Insurance and unique security requirements, we can build a completely bespoke safe to achieve all of the requirements of your functional and security applications.

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    Guaranteed quality

    All of our safes are made with complete care and attention. We use the best safe locks and components from all over the globe to present you with the best customised option for your safe.



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